The web model FreWaB-PLUS is based on OpenSource technologies (PostgreSQL, PostGIS, GeoServer) and was mainly developed in PHP. It has a modular structure in order to be able to react in the best possible way to future requirements and developments - especially during implementation.
A modified approach based on runoff coefficients combined with a memory for initial losses was implemented for the runoff formation in order to allow an easy transfer to other model areas. For the evaporation, an evaporation module according to the Haude method was developed and integrated into the model. The distribution of the daily values of the evaporation to the smaller time steps in the model is based on a function dependent on the position of the sun / angle of incidence. For the estimation of inflow loads of diuron, terbutryn and octhilinone (biocides used in building protection, especially in facades and protective coatings), current literature values on the measured discharge under natural precipitation conditions are used. This depends above all on the age of the area under consideration or on the time of the last biocide treatment.

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